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Anno Draconis Series Bundle

Anno Draconis Series Bundle

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The first two parts of the epic series, Anno Draconis, plus Vikings, War, and the Fall of the Carolingians.

in Part One, Dawn of the Dragon:

Life in the village of Saint Etienne is peaceful, with the exception of the occasional brawl between young boys. 

But the dawn is red...

In the early morning, Sigurd Hrolfsson, and his crew strike the bank of the river. Fire and death descend upon the lower Seine. 

Bent upon revenge for his parents' death, Sigurd unleashes his wrath upon the Kingdom of the Franks. Will he find the Dark Monk who murdered his family?

Who will suffer in his relentless pursuit of vengeance?

In Part Two, Reign of Wolves:

Will Willie live?

Will guilt and revenge destroy Roger and Sigurd, or will they put aside their feud long enough to track down their shared enemies?

Can Sister Katherine escape her childhood demons?

Pierre rides with the devil on a mission from the King...

The northmen grind their way toward Paris.

Can they be stopped? Or will murder and treachery rule the day?

and in the darkness, a black wolf howls...

Want to know more about the historical background for the series?

Then you also want Steve's English translation of the Annals of St. Vaast, in his academic work: Vikings, War, and the Fall of the Carolingians

A Latin source from the 9th century, Steve gives a lengthly introduction to the historical setting leading up to the Viking invasion of the Kingdom of the Franks (France), and then presents his critical translation of the original source. A must read for the serious historical fiction reader.

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