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Fiction Coach Video Call

Fiction Coach Video Call

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Having a book in you and getting a book out of you are two different things... Steve helped me get over my fear and empowered me to not only write, but to also publish my book. Together, we got it out of my head, off my hard drive where it was languishing like a barnacle encrusted ship in the harbor, and onto the page. -Bobby Kountz, author of The Someday Solution

Attempting to write a novel?

Struggling to get started?:

  • Don't know where or how to begin?
  • Are you procrastinating? Can't find the time to write?
  • Lacking inspiration?
  • Don't feel like you're talented enough to write a novel?
  • Aren't sure how to plot out your story?
  • Don't know what point of view to write from?
  • Not sure you can even fill enough pages to justify a book?

Or maybe you have started, but are running into snags?:

  • Keep getting distracted by 'research'?
  • Plagued by the dreaded Writer's Block and that damned Blank Page?
  • Your characters won't do what you want them to?
  • The whole thing seems to lack consistency (plot holes, missing characters)?
  • Feel like you suck at writing dialogue or getting the voice wrong?
  • Not sure how or when to edit?
  • Or maybe you're just plain STUCK?

You're not alone my friend.

I've been there, and I can help!

  • I've written and self published 8 books (2 fiction and 6 non-fiction)
  • Including 3 Amazon best-sellers
  • I've coached many people through this process

Let's meet via video chat and get you back on track!

If you have only a handful of issues (1-4 or so), we can probably take care of those in a one house session! Seriously, we can. $60

If you just don't know how to even get started, and need someone to guide you through the whole process, then you might want the 4 one hour sessions! $200

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