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The End of Fear Itself: Simple Steps to Live with Courage in a World without Worry and Anxiety

The End of Fear Itself: Simple Steps to Live with Courage in a World without Worry and Anxiety

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Once every 5-10 years a book comes along with the potential to change life as we understand it. The End of Fear Itself  is just such a book.             -Bobby Kountz, Coach and Author of The Someday Solution

Do you have a dream?

Does anyone else know about it, or is it buried in your mind?

Or maybe you have attempted to bring it to life?

How did that go?
  • Were you criticized?
  • Were you afraid to fail?
  • Did you quit because of negative feedback?
  • Or did you not even start?
  • Are you still putting it off?

Are you afraid that you’ll die with your dream unrealized?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave to your children? To the world?

That it’s okay not to try? That it’s alright to quit?

Think about it this way: What do you want inscribed upon your gravestone?

“We think she had a dream, but we never heard it?”


“She lived her dream, fearlessly, and changed the world!”?

Why are you not living your dream?

Are you a victim of outside forces? (Not enough money, time, resources, support)

Or do you secretly fear that you’re simply not worthy of success? Do you ever say, to yourself, “I’m not good enough, smart enough, or don’t know enough, to make my dream a reality?"

In The End of Fear Itself, best-selling author, Steve Bivans uncovers the only problem blocking you from success and happiness: Fear.

In fact, it’s the only problem blocking the entire world from achieving peace and prosperity. And if you overcome your worries and fears, you will be doing your part to saving the planet!

Steve has assembled the best information on the topic from the world’s leading psychologists, therapists, and coaches, all in one book. And he presents it in a no bulls**t, simplified way. No insider, technical, academic jargon. And it's not woo-wooey, either. Just practical, proven steps.

In the book, you’ll find:

  • How to deal with anxiety.
  • How to stop Overthinking and overcome out-of-control negative thoughts.
  • How to beat the Big Fears: Fear of Loss, Fear of Failure, even Fear of Success! (Yeah, it’s a real thing)
  • Real-life stories of people who have faced their Fears and kicked ass!
  • How to use the Power of Story-telling to rewrite your negative past, and crush your fears.
  • The hidden-in-plain-sight, secret Fear, our deepest Fear, and how to dig it up, smash it, and live a Fearless Life.
  • Simple, quick, and easy-to-follow steps to banish your fears and worries, forever. In a few minutes per day, over the course of several weeks, you’ll be on your way to mastering your Fears and transforming your life!

From the author:

“I totally get why you’re stuck! Fear and anxiety are very real problems. We all have them. I did! Especially when I sat down to write this book!

I was afraid that I wasn’t a good enough writer, or that no one would listen to me because I’m not a psychologist, or that I didn't know enough to write such a book.

But you know what? I f*ckin’ did it anyway! Why? Because I didn't want to die with the book in my head. And here it is.

And all you have to do to begin your journey to a life without Fear, is invest a few dollars in yourself, and click 'Buy Now'!

Then the same ideas, exercises, and techniques I used to propel me to write three best-sellers, will be yours."

Bring your dreams to life! Don't drag them to the grave with you. You deserve it, and your family, friends, and the world need the example!


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